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Sitting Comfortably? You Will Be With Oslo Court Garage.

Air-conditioning comes as standard in most vehicles now, and when operating correctly, can greatly enhance your driving experience, as well as keeping passengers happy and comfortable. However,many motorists are unaware that the car air-con requires regular maintenance in order for it to work effectively.

What many car owners also don’t know is that harmful bacteria can build up in the system when it’s not in use and this is then released into the car when the system is activated. Furthermore, car air conditioning systems tend to lose refrigerant over time from joints in components becoming less effective. This poor performance, in turn, can lead to higher fuel consumption, as the compressor remains engaged to lower the temperature in the vehicle.

At Oslo Court Garage, our air-conditioning technicians will conduct a complete assessment of your system service, from decontamination, to checking for leaks, to corrosion, component failure or even full installation.