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Where Safety Always Comes First.

The brakes are the most important parts of your car. Unfortunately, there are many things that can affect brake function so it’s vital that they are serviced regularly.Tell-tale signs that something might be wrong include the vehicle pulling to one side during braking, wheel locks and skidding, taking too long to stop and noises when braking.

But you shouldn’t wait until there’s something wrong with your brakes before having a service. We offer brake servicing, as well as routinely checking brake function as part of our full MOT service, ensuring brake fluid levels are where they should be and that pads are performing effectively. If there is any problem whatsoever, our technicians will explain it in detail, along recommending the best remedial solutions.

At Oslo Court Garage, our number one priority is safety.That’s why we only use the most experienced mechanics when it comes to brake servicing and repairs. And why we only source brakes parts from the reputable suppliers – companies we’ve built up working relationship over many years. Because of this, we are able to buy parts at bulk rates, passing the savings onto you.