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Maintenanceand Servicing

Keeping Your Car Roadworthy and Safe.

Car maintenance and servicing can add up when it comes to your annual motoring costs, but it’s money well spent. While an MOT ensures your car is roadworthy, keeping your car in top condition with regular servicing and maintenance means you can reduce fuel costs and avoid major repair bills due to undiagnosed issues. Problems caught early on almost always cost less to fix, your car will have a better resale value, last longer and be more enjoyable to drive.

All of these reasonshighlight why it’s so important to bring it in to a reputable mechanic regularly. At Oslo Court Garage, you’ll get to know some of our technicians and they’ll get to know your car too, which means they’ll be able to offer advice on how you can undertake some basic maintenanceyourself, save money and get the best from your vehicle.

Find out more by arranging an appointment and we’ll give your car a full assessment.