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We’ve Got Your Number.

Looking for new number plates? You’ve come to the right place. At Oslo Court Garage, number plates is one of our specialist areas.

Decades of experience in the business means that we can source, supply and fit a wide range of Number Plates that including standard plates, model specific plates, 4×4 plates and vintage plates. All are available in a choice of high quality materials including, acrylic, aluminium, pressed aluminium and Perspex (ABS).

Personalised number plates can add real character, including some of your own personality, to a vehicle, whether it’s a plate featuring your initials, name or something that refers to the work you do or even a hobby.

More importantly, many motorist aren’t aware that it’s illegal to drive with broken, cracked, faded or illegible numbers plates. So, if this sounds like you, it might be time you got new ones!Unlike some companies, the quote we give you for replacement plates is the price you pay. At Oslo Court Garage, you won’t be surprised by hidden costs when you come in to have your new plates fitted.

Please be aware that to order new plates, you’ll need to bring along proof of identity (driving licence) and proof of entitlement to the registration, such as a vehicle registration certificate.