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Looking Good For Your Vehicle.

Some of the most difficult repairs you can carry out on a vehicle are those resulting from cosmetic damage. No matter how minor, scratches, chips and bumps can be tricky to repair properly without resulting in a noticeable patch on your vehicle. Unless, of course, you have a skilled craftsman carrying out the work. Which is exactly what we can provide at Oslo Court Garage.

From dings and dents to major bodywork, windscreen repairs, wheel and bumper repairs,or a full respray, we have team of specialised bodywork experts with the skills you need to get your car looking even better than did before.

  • Bumper damage
  • Windscreen chips
  • Scuffs & scratches
  • Dents
  • Paintwork touch-ups and resprays
  • Upholstery and accessories

And, if you’re looking to accessorise, or ‘pimp up’ your vehicle, we can help there too. Simply give us a call!  020 7586 5314