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Modern cars are complicated pieces of equipment. Today, they come with a wide selection of electrical and electronic features, such as heating, music systems, sun roofs and car computers. As with any piece of equipment with electrical components, from time to time, things can go wrong.

Whether it’s a bulb, heater, seat warmer, in-car entertainment system, wiper motor, or sun roof, most of the time, it’s just a blown fuse, or a damaged connection, but without a full electrical diagnostic check by a qualified auto electrician, you simply can’t be sure. It could be something more serious such as the starter motor.

That’s why we advise all our customers to ensure the safety of your vehicle, as well as their comfort, by talking to one of our specialists about your concerns. Whatever the problem, you can rest assured, at Oslo Court Garage, we’ll isolate the issue and find a solution.

Of course, if you’d like to install or upgrade a feature in your car for extra comfort, such as an entertainment system or GPS, we can help there too. Simply contact us with your requirements.